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My Hair Care System By Lady Kashmir 2014   

My Hair Care System By Lady Kashmir 2014
                    New valued customer the following instructions are for your new hair care system


New Valued Customer   
    The following are instructions
When you receive your new hair care system.
1.Make sure your hair is clean and free of all styling products. To apply gently stir your night time mask then with your fingertips massage into your scalp starting at the roots in a circular motion apply slight pressure till you feel your scalp become tingly keep putting small amounts of hair mask on fingertips until you have completed all of your scalp. Then put small amount in your palm gently rub in hands and apply to the rest of your hair to the ends when you are done your full application should be about a large tablespoon of hair mask and the process should take about 10  minutes your scalp should feel warm and tingly pile your hair on your head ,Or put in a braid you might want to wear a nightcap or put a towel on your pillow. In the morning your hair may seem a little hard and stiff this is perfectly natural .The liquid amino acids seals and coats the hair shaft with high levels of protein .This will soften when you apply warm water never use hot water on your hair it will dry out the hair shaft .as you let warm water run over your hair .Gently massage your favorite none-sulfate shampoo, into your hair rinsing thoroughly apply your favorite conditioner .
Try to wash and rinse your hair in hard water
This will give a higher shine and more Volume ,as soft water tends to make hair limp, because of the sulfates .Please understand ,this is not just hair care therapy .This is a new way of living
A new way of life better, To give yourself all the love and health you deserve. And worth your commitment to Beauty for Yourself !
Your hair will thank you ,your body will thank you.
Follow the directions faithfully.
Every night for 4 weeks ,without fail ,,,,
Then every other night from there on ,,,,
I have been using my protein hair care system for 2 ½ years I am so happy and pleased with my stunning results.   YOU !  will be too dear valued customer.

Now that you understand the importance of treating yourself like a queen .
  Your free honey facial is included in your first perchance.
Directions for honey facial .
Gently splash your face with warm/to hot/ water
 And apply a small amount of pore tightening
 Honey facial. Work in a circular motion
Working the honey into skin for 1 minuet
 Covering all of your face and neck
Keep on for 1 hour, Read or watch your favorite show, to rinse of with warm water and then cold water. Follow with a light moisturerizer.
And enjoy the healing glow of your skin,
 All my ingredients are all natural vitamins
Proteins the honey facial is made from
Honey facial is made from MANUKA HONEY BLEND,100 And Royal Jelly 7000

I my self have been using this facial for over 5 years .as with any  product new to your skin
 If you notice any redness or irritation stop using
For a few days then try again. But let me say
To you  
Valued customer I have had only the best results.
My skin type is fair and dry patches. And this honey facial has given me moisture and soft glowing skin for years, Enjoy.

TIPS . on how the vitamins and what you put into your body play a mutual part in your beauty and health.
This is how I live for hair and health and beauty .We must work from the inside out
Starting with the all-important fruit intake.
 This is the ruling factor for your hair and skin to be completely beautiful and healthy.
DEAR Valued customer.
The ruling factor for your hair and skin to be completely beautiful and healthy.
 Applying your night time mask fathfully.
 NOW tips and recipes for fruit shakes
 Your hair needs vitamins and protein’s
What we take into our bodies will determine
Our beauty and our health
I strongly recommend a focus on fruits and fish protein’s. Fresh vegetables ,
A must every day staring with a fruit shake
12 oz bottle of Evian water, or purified water
1 large organic orange,
1 apple ,1 banana ,7 pieces fresh raw almonds
hand full or raspberries   and or blues barriers
1/4 cup of Kefir found in your super market
In the organic dairy section. In your blender frappe. Have this for breakfast.
For lunch one red bell pepper I piece of steamed fish I prefer salmon.
And small baked butter. Use sea salt if you like. Fish has the highest form of complete
Quality protein’s . I chose salmon for its amazing fatty acids and high protein’s
But you can have any kind of fish you like .
Now you must give up all pasta ,and wheat
For several months ,(hang on now I heard that)
Wheat and its gluten clog the pores stifle blood flow and pasta does the same ,I’m not saying give it up forever ,;) just for a while .
You will be amazed at how much energy you will have .Most of all your Hair, and your skin will take on a new glow, Try a wonderful flour called coconut flour found at your health food store
You can make amazing muffins and breads.
 Dinner is up to you roosted chicken breast. Green salad ,no oil !just lemon juice or your own homemade dressing .steamed veggie s a chease omelet.have what you like for dinner.
NOW,at all cost .Stay away from any kind of fast.foods  or boxed or anything frozen or processed with preservatives, this kind of fake food interferes with the beauty of your hair and skin.
 A cup of organic coffee if fine. Whole organic sugar is fine .do some reading,
And very important you must find a really good multi vitamin I take my vitamins with high b content, and Spirulina .  Your
            WATER ,the water we drink is
The life of beauty .Make sure you have a good high grade water filter in your house or drink a good spring water with a quality report .
Also make sure to cook all your food in purified water .you are on your way to long sexy beautiful hair and beautiful skin , if you use hair color make sure it’s a none ammonia hair color ,or try a natural henna at your health food store or supper market. Yes valued customer, stay faithful and  Your dreams can come true .if you have any questions E- mail my

Yes one more note NO Alcohol .and if you smoke cut back ;)  You are the only one that can change your life.

   This new hair care system is the beginning of a new world  beauty health energy .
 Follow the directions and remember every night
Without fail, And you will see a few months your hair will be more shinny fluffy and glossy ,manageable ,remember no heat no curling iron .air dry your hair ,and be carefull with styling products .they stress the hair we want beautiful sexy silky shinny hair , 
Lady Kashmir
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